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I creat Widget for XEN HTML

Resource Widget - 1.0

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Language Support : English, French,Dutch,Russian,Czech,Italian,Spanish,German,Chinese,Hebrew,Polish,Portuguese,Turkish

If you want benefit of all the functions you will need to install Exoxen at (else you will only clock information)

About this package ?

  • He gathers all the files whose widgets need to work.
  • What news ? Improvements, performance enhancements, additions to many system variables (if exoxen installed) and icon add (accessible from variables)
  • On this widgets : Effect and Console Style
    • You have the option to add your own variables and styles in XEN HTML settings
    • How to use them will be detailed after (for those who want to most custom their widget)
  • Be careful for the moment exoxen doesnt work on PREVIEW in XEN HTML, so you will see in this preview only the name of the variable. But if you go on LS/HS/Notification center the variable will be display
  • You have a auto select for Lang and Date format if you have a problem go to /private/var/mobile/Documents/__resources-widget-g/Settings.js and change the variables (all the values are write in the file)
  • Please read all the description before ask questions
  • NB: sometime in xen html you need to confirm 2 times your settings before that take effect

About me ? I am a student, and I do programming when I have a little time. If you have a problem or something else don't hesitate to contact me at !

here is the link of the old packages:


*Clock information

{AM} / {am} / {Am}Set AM/PM | am/pm | Am/Pm
{month}Month's Number
{syear}Small year (format XX)
{dayname}Day's name
{sdayname}Small day's name (format XXX)
{monthname}Month's name
{smonthname}Small month's name (format XXX)

*System information: Need Exoxen


{battery}Battery's percentage
{iconBattery}Icon battery


{memoryPhysical}Device's physical memory
{memoryUsed}Used memory
{memoryFree}Free memory
{memoryTotal}Total memory (different from physical; used + free)


{carrierName}Carrier name
{iconNetwork}Icon with bar

Weather (need too of the default application "Weather")

{stateABR}State Abbreviation
{Country}Country Abbreviation
{tempFeels}Temperature feels
{tempMin}Temperature low
{tempMax}Temperature max
{condition}Current condition
{conditionText}Text about weather
{iconWeather}Icon Weather
{sunset}Sun set time (HH:MM)
{sunrise}Sun rise time (HH:MM)
{moonPhase}Moon phase time (HH:MM)
{chanceOfRain}Chance Of Rain (%)
{humidity}Humidity (%)
{dewPoint}Dew Point
{heatIndex}Heat Index
{precipitation24}Precipitation the last 24h
{uvIndex}UV Index

For the moment, Exoxen dont give the possibility to acces to the units type (metric) so, for example in the visibility, nothing units will be display (i dont know if its in mi or km, it depends on your country)


{iconWifi}Wifi icon
{wifiName}Wifi name
{wifiRssi}Wifi rssi


{systemVersion}Current IOS version



  • Syntaxe : [s(float)]
  • Description : Set the size specified up to the next tag of the same type
  • Sample :
    • [s17] Test -> "Test" = 17px
    • [s32] Text [s10] for tested -> "Test" = 32px and "for tested" = 10px


  • Syntaxe :
    • [r(int),g(int),b(int)]
    • [hexacode]
    • [Color's Name]
  • Description : That will set the color specified up to the next tag of the same type
  • Sample :
    • [255,255,255] = code rgb = white
    • [#ffffff] = code hexa = white
    • [white] = color's name = white Compound names don't work

Break lines

  • Syntaxe : [br]
  • Description : Break the lines where it's called
  • Sample : Hi how [br] are you ? [br] Its fine -->
    Hi how
    are you ?
    Its fine

@Special Char


Why ? because this chars are used to delimit the tags: Variable and Style

Contact me if you have a problem : !