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I creat Widget for XEN HTML

Console Style - 1.0

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*Also go see the description of Ressource Widget


About this package ? Console Style will give you the possibility to have a "console" (with the animation) on your LS/HS, which is customizable


  • Theme: Mac, New style, New terminal, Apple Watch, Windows 10 (Picture at the end)
  • Cursor: Mac, Classic, Bar, Square, None
  • Font family: B616 Mono, Inconsolata, VT232, Lekton
  • Display bar: true/false
  • Title bar
  • Background bar
  • Opacity bar
  • Padding bar (TopBottom) 
  • Text color bar
  • Opacity bar
  • Background content
  • Opacity content
  • Padding content (TopBottom,LeftRight)
  • System Name
  • Width
  • Height
  • Border Radius
  • Border width: you have to change the border color too if you want that take effect
  • Border color: you have to change the border width too if you want that take effect
  • Blur: to take effect need that the opacity is under 1 or background = transparent (or rgba value)
  • Speed write (ms)
  • Time switch string (ms)
  • Paralax effect: true/false
  • Adapte Title/Cursor/SystemName: Auto/Dark/Light
  • Color variable: Light/Dark/None
  • Method write: Special/Normal/None
  • String 1 to 10
  • Join string 1 to 10: None/With a line breaker/With space
  • Scale

You have sample with the pictures, but you can do what you want, its just a small presentation of the defaults themes !
NB: sample are in french but many languages are available with the default text static in english, go see the description of Resource Widget to get more information*

Contact me if you have a problem : !


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